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Service Your Brakes in Framingham, MA

Local customers often bring their vehicles to Snow’s Garage whenever those other service stations make a mistake. The brakes are one part of your vehicle, however, where you don't want to risk any chance of mistakes.

Brake Repair and Replacement

We suggest having your vehicle inspected approximately every 12,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first. These regular inspections can reveal potential brake system problems that can be repaired before brake failure occurs, and saves you money.

At Snow’s Garage, we’re versed in repairing and providing maintenance for your entire brake system, no matter your make or model. This includes inspecting and fully repairing both disc and drum brakes. Best of all, we’ll be sure to repair your brake system in line with your specific manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Normal Disc Brake Wear

Routine maintenance will help you avoid major brake replacements, but the pads are designed to be replaced on a regular basis.

Most modern vehicles are equipped with disc brakes, where the brake pads are squeezed against both sides of a metal rotor. There's a small metal shim that makes a high-pitched screeching noise when the pads have worn down. The noise is often loud enough to hear inside the car, though you may not hear it while music is playing. The sound is intended as a warning that you should get the pads replaced. If the sound becomes a louder, metallic grinding, then the pads may be completely gone. The metal-on-metal grinding may mean you have to replace the rotor as well as the pads.

Other Warning Signs

If the brake pedal pulses or the car pulls to one side when you stop, then these can be signs of problems that need attention. If the pedal feels spongy or less responsive, then it's important to address the problem, even if it's just air in the brake lines. Don't put it off or ignore the problem; the ability to stop when it matters is too important, both for your family and the safety of others on the road.

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