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“I've been burned by auto repair shops in the past so I braced myself for the worst but a friend who used to live in the area told me that I should give Snow’s a try because their parents have been going there for over 40 years.

I was blown away by how friendly they were. They did the routine tune up and were really honest about the issues the car was having. He told me what work the car would need, but that I'd be all right for a few months. No pressure what so ever.

My jaw almost dropped when they told me "You Don't Need Air Filters" ... every garage I’ve ever gone to tries to upsell you on that. I will be going back.”

- Marty G.

“I've been going to Snow's Garage for years. They have been absolutely the best I've been to. They service my company’s fleet of vehicles so I have quite a bit of experience with them. Their rates are very competitive, and the people couldn't be any nicer. No one likes to have to put money into their vehicles for repair...if they say you need it, you definitely need it. These people are as honest as it gets. Snow's has such a big following because they are as great as they are.”

- Eric B.

“My husband had a wonderful experience with a local auto repair shop in Framingham, while we were up there a couple of weeks ago. After commuting back & forth to Boston on a few of the not so wonderful roads one morning, he began to hear a squealing from the front wheel area. He believed it was a brake issue, and was concerned it could possibly be serious. The trip from MD to MA is about 9hrs so not good to travel back with a possible brake problem. A friend recommended Snows. He dropped it off early the following morning. The owner had TWO of his techs test drive and thoroughly look at it. Owner called my husband back not long after (maybe 1.5-2hrs later) to come back to the shop. Owner had my husband drive while he rode along for additional test drive. Nothing was found wrong.....AND...nothing was charged. Not even a diagnostic fee. We were so thrilled. Typically out-of-towners get charged out the wazzooo, so this was an amazing experience."

- Lisa H.

“Casey and Robin run a smooth operation at Snow's. They have fixed several cars for myself and my family for several years now and we have never been disappointed. Someone (usually Tom) from the garage will call you right before they start working on the car and will usually provide a status report during the day if it is a big job. Go to Snow's - you won't be disappointed!!!”

“They took care of my wife's early ‘90's Ford Explorer better than the dealer or other repair shops. For example, they were able to properly diagnose an AC problem others failed to. They took care of my mid-90's Ford Ranger 4x4 Supercab once it went off warranty. After a near-total accident (and poor dealer repair job), I had them give it a complete review before handing off to my son (a new driver). It went to charity instead. They currently take care of a Chevy for us…We have always recommended them.”

“Being a female, I am constantly on the defensive when I take my cars for maintenance/repairs. Casey & Robin have always treated me excellently (not patronizing in the least!). Additionally, they run a tight ship and are one of the most honest mechanics I’ve run across. Recently, I suspected a leak in my cooling system. They inspected it though the course of a day and couldn't find anything wrong (I trust their diagnosis). They didn't charge me at all for the effort. Great shop!”

- Car Talk

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